A passive agressive letter to my child’s father

You know, I’m not like you. I don’t use swear words and anger to make people listen to me. I don’t think that everything is wrong and I don’t feel the need to bring up parenting differences.

Coming at the way you did yesterday has made me realize that I’ve let have so much power when you deserve none. You are an imbecile and a man child. You act in true caveman fashion with a club in your hand. Unlike you, I don’t live on my mommy’s couch with no job and no car and spend my days hopped up on muscle relaxers and trying to determine the best way to make it through life free of charge. I work for what I have. I help people around me and I raise my children to be independent, free thinking PRODUCTIVE members of society.

A child is a product of their environment and unfortunately for A, she’s screwed. She thinks the world of you because she is too young, too blind, and too naive to ask where you were the first 4 years of her life. She will someday and you’ll have to answer for that. I will no longer make excuses for you. You are a repugnant human being. I may not be perfect but I never claimed to be. You, on the other hand, think you are God’s gift to humankind. You think your opinions and ideas are the only one that matters. Coparenting with a narcissistic, self entitled, waste of space is the hardest thing I have ever done but you know what?

I will be stronger in the end. My daughter will see the truth eventually and see that her mother may not be nice. She may not sugar coat things and treat her like a pretty princess but when she’s graduating college, she won’t thank you.

Parents like you are what’s wrong with today’s world. So unattached but overbearing. You use your fists and words to PUNISH children when children deserve to be loved and cared for. A child lies— spank them you say. A child accidentally breaks a tablet, drag them by their shirts into another room out of anger.

I didn’t punish you for choosing to party while I was at home raising your child. In fact, I welcomed you with open arms. Look what that got me. Another man child to keep in line. I love that you run away when faced with the truth. You never answered my question of where were you the first four years…

So where were you?