When it rains—


One month before my due date and I find everything going to absolute shit.

My husband’s hours at work have been dramatically cut so the company can save on their electric bill. He’ll have 11 consecutive days off from December 24th until January 4th. All but two are unpaid…  We can barely afford to pay all the bills but hey! I’m glad his company found a way to save money during the holidays.

My wheel bearing on my truck went and seeing as its the only safe car that fits all of us, it had to be fixed immediately. I’ve never felt so sad swiping my card at Autozone.

My husband’s car has tires that are so bald he almost went into the ditch today with a dusting of snow and of course Walmart is out of the super cheap ones.

The Holidays are around the corner and I had banked on his Christmas bonus to get gifts for the kids but they decided to take that away this year.

I am due anytime in the next 6-8 weeks and I still have things I need because again I banked on that stupid bonus and Christmas sales.

I am so stressed. Its ridiculous. Of course when you go to get any help from government agencies, I am told we make too much for help. We applied for unemployment for the days he won’t work.

I have a great support group of friends who luckily listen to me complain and offer their love and that has been so amazing to have that. Luckily, after the first of the year, the husband will be on salary and we won’t have to worry about this crap again.

Ugh. Happy Fucking Holidays.