My Mini Babies


The next person who argues with me about Benjamin’s age or asks me if Charley was premature is going to get yelled at. It actually bothers me quite a bit that small children don’t exist anymore.

My husband and I were born in the 80’s. I weighed 5lbs 12oz and my husband weighed 5lbs 6oz and there was never an issue with us being “too small”. We are still considered small people. I am 5′ and he is 5’4.

Here is Benjamin’s growth chart for his measurements last week.


Smaller than average. The WIC office says he’s obese and the pediatrician says he’s alright. How about my son is freaking perfect no matter what the numbers say? He’s bright. He’s hit all his milestones. He speaks well and is very active.

Here’s Darling Charley’s.


Why can’t people just accept I have small children? I eat healthy and don’t engorge myself on fast food and microwave meals. I am physically active. I chug water. I lose weight during pregnancies. Statistically, Benjamin and Charley are following nearly the exact growth pattern. Ben only gained 2 lbs in the first 6 months of life.

I think doctors and parents should stop focusing on the numbers and worry about raising their children and ensuring they’re completely healthy. Why does weight and height have to be such an issue?

My husband and I have never let our height keep us from doing what we wanted to do. We use it to our advantage. We’re both relatively smart and use that as well. So apparently physical attributes have become more important because let’s face it, everyone is joining the NFL.


Zero to Baby in 25 Minutes


This is the Ecker’s newest little baby. She came into the world May 2, 2014 at 6:01 PM weighing 5 lbs 8 oz and 18″ long. She was 37 weeks 2 days.

On Friday, May 2nd, I had an ultrasound scheduled with the high risk doctor. My mother in law and I went to the appointment because she wanted to see the baby too. They did all the measurements and then magically the high risk doctor had left for an emergency. I was then told that she was going to call Dr. Laz and discuss the results of the sonogram with him. She came back in and told me that he wanted me upstairs in L&D for a NST. Simple enough, I thought. That’s a 20 minute thing and then I can go back home.

My mother in law and I follow the nurse to the third floor where they start walking me to the pre op room. I looked at the other nurse bringing in the catheter equipment and simply stated, “You’re fucking joking, right?”

She looked flabbergasted and told me that I was having a cesarean. I said, “When?” She stated, “In about 25 minutes.”

I then proceeded to lose my shit on the entire nursing staff. I feel pretty bad about it but how could they even think I would be okay with being sent upstairs for a very evasive procedure without agreeing to it and without ensuring my other children were taken care of and my husband was there to watch him daughter be born?

I then asked to talk to the doctor. He tells me that my baby’s fluid is low and that is very dangerous. (Okay, I understand that but is waiting an hour going to do any harm?) He also tells him if I want him to do the procedure that I would have to have it right then. He said it would be a quick hour and then she would be born. You know business as usual. It was also made known that his daughter’s confirmation was that weekend so he either had to do it then or the doctor on call would do it.

I told him she could do it and his reply was that I couldn’t leave the hospital. At this point, I am so freaking angry and feeling more than violated that I hung up and told the nurses I would be back but not before cracking some Count jokes about Dr. Laz. I make people laugh when I am nervous.

I then called my husband and said, “Honey… we’re having a baby.” He was unsure of what I was talking about and said, “Yeah, I’ve known that for 9 months now or was in something else before?” I explained that Dr. Laz had decided that the baby needed to come out that day and I would be there to get him ASAP. I then called my mother and she was soon on her way to grab my older two children. I dropped my mother in law off at her home, ran to Bug’s school and picked her up, and went home to pack my bags for the hospital. My mother must have drove very fast because she made it to Jefferson before I even left.

I put my kids into her car. I started crying because this was the first time I had ever been away from Benjamin and I felt like I was missing out on precious mommy-Benny time. I hugged him a little harder than normal and kissed him way more times than were necessary and I left for the hospital. We parked and got up to the third floor where we were taken into pre op and I was strapped with the monitor. I got all the bells and whistles and waited for the doctor to get there. I met with the anesthesiologist and he was the coolest, older Asian man. He was so super sweet.

The doctor came in and at that instant, I knew that I wanted her to do my cesarean. She was amazing and understanding. They took me into the operating room and Jeremy was given the dad gear. He waited while they did the spinal. The doctor helped with the spinal which I have never had happen before. They usually just came in when it was time to slice and dice and deliver a baby. I laid there and waited for the epidural to kick in. The tingles came and I lay motionless and waiting. Jeremy came in and the older doctor grabbed my hand and put it securely into his.

Jeremy looked at me and he was nervous as usual. We waited and waited. The anesthesiologist told me everything that was happening. They had brought respiratory therapists and neonatal doctors in just in case. FULL HOUSE. Finally, I here a little pressure and in typical Sarah-fashion I yelled, “Who the fuck is sitting on my chest?”

And then the smallest little cry. They brought her over to my side of the sheet and I saw the most perfect, tiniest human being I had ever laid eyes on. They checked her weight and all that jazz and she was perfectly healthy. They handed her to Jeremy and he just stared at her.

At this point, I felt like I was having a heart attack and the anesthesiologist slipped me a sedative. I kept waking up every ten minutes and then they were taking me back in my room.


Not every birth is perfect. Its not always what you hoped but when you meet the little person that has taken up residence inside your womb, it makes the pain and stress and agitation all seem less.

Charley Mae ❤