Journey to baby… with the worst OB ever.

My first pregnancy, I had the most amazing doctor team ever. I knew all of them. The appointment wait times were very bearable. They were passionate, kind, understanding, and they listened.

Then I moved to Ashtabula County, OH where your choice in OBGYNs is very limited unless you want to drive 30+ minutes in either direction. I have been attending the office’s of Dr. Laz in Ashtabula since I was 26 weeks pregnant with Benjamin. During my pregnancy with Benjamin, I didn’t have any issues really. He didn’t have to order much lab work or any ultrasounds, he just measured and finally did the c section when it was time.

I find that going to him for an entire pregnancy has become the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened in my life. This has been a recurring theme with any doctor affiliated with Cleveland Clinic though. They will tell you how much they care until it comes down to how they can bill my Medicaid for even more. You want an exceptional example?

May 23, 2013- Benjamin wakes up with a cold. He is having trouble breathing and a slight fever. I decided to take him up to ACMC. We get there and he is diagnosed with CROUP. Please keep in mind, he didn’t have a single symptom of croup. All of a sudden, we’re in the back of an ambulance being transported to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. Upon arrival, the doctor asks us why we’re even there and says Ben has a cold that agitated his asthma. He’s given a nebulizer and prescription for Albuterol and told lots of fluids and rest.  We could never get his pediatrician to diagnose his asthma because it was ALWAYS aspiration of breast milk. Then again his genetically big head was caused by hydrocephalus and his genetically small stature was caused by failure to thrive.

His new pediatrician says he’s perfect.

That hydrocephalus and failure to thrive all require a referral to another Cleveland Clinic doctor who can bill Benjamin’s Medicaid for more unnecessary services. How about the once a day lab work for the first three weeks of his life which required us to go to the local hospital every day?

So back to the original issue at hand… My ob has sent me for two glucose tests. One at twelve weeks and another at 26 weeks. Apparently, the first one was to get a base level. I have never had that happen before… EVER. After every single ultrasound, the next day something is “wrong” and I have to be sent to the Maternal/fetal medicine doctor who travels from Cleveland and never finds anything wrong. Two weeks before my schedule c section, I am being told my child is measuring small and I have to go for another ultrasound. They said they could get me in Friday at 2. I tell the woman on the phone that isn’t possible. Well, we’ll put you in anyways.

And you’d think that a mother who has had 5-6 ultrasounds would have lots of pictures of their beautiful baby. Nope. I have 5. OF THE SAME PROFILE. I have none declaring gender, none of her face, no little hands waving ‘hi’. I ask for more and am told this is just for fun and she doesn’t have to give me any pictures if she doesn’t want to.

I’ve lost 40 pounds during this pregnancy and explain to the OB that I have no appetite whatsoever and frequently eat only 500-800 calories a day. I try to eat more but I just feel so full or sick. He doesn’t seem to think its an issue. Any pain I have is normal and won’t even consider it being anything else. My constant infections are of no concern and they show no sense of urgency when calling in prescriptions.

Cleveland Clinic has ruined pregnancy for me. They say children are the best form of birth control but I would honestly say having the worst possible OB and office has definitely made me question my decision to have more children in the future.


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