Best friends.

I suppose I can catch up on everything and get everything out that’s been going on.

First off, in thirty-four days, Miss Charlee Mae Ecker will join the world. I have been counting down to May 15th since the beginning. I get too excited but to watch my stomach grow and the days shrink has been so excited even when I have felt like death.

We’re also getting ready for all the birthdays! Its kind of hectic in my house for May and June. Charlee’s birthday will be May 15th, Benjamin’s is May 22nd, Jeremy’s birthday is June 6th, and Adison’s is June 20th. This year, I will be planning one birthday party for everyone in the beginning of June so I have some time to heal and don’t have to expose the baby to too many people at once.

I have still yet to wrap my head around the fact that in a few short weeks, I will be a mother of three amazing children! I will probably also have plenty of dark circles and bald spots!

Benjamin has begun climbing on everything he can. I went into his room after his nap and he was sitting on top of his bookshelf reading a book. I was upset at first but then the excitement over his book and the fact he got up there himself overtook any bad feelings. He also high fives and blows kisses to everyone. MELTS MY HEART!

Adison has begun doing so well on her spelling tests and with reading! I am so happy that her grandma, Carla has been working so diligently with her! She seems to understand Adison’s learning style better than I do but I aim to learn how to make sure she is successful in school. Her behavior in general has improved without any medications although we still do have some problems. Nothing compares to how it was six months ago. I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

Lately, my husband has been the most amazing man anyone can ask for. He’s be so great this entire pregnancy that I couldn’t imagine not having him here for me. Every time I have a bad day, he runs me a warm bath and puts the kids to bed for me. He’s sent me for a pedicure and it was heavenly! He rubs my neck and back and feet.

Life is perfect right now. There is more love in my household then anyone could ever understand and I love it. Its everything I ever hoped and dream for as a kid. I have never been so happy to be anywhere.


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