Peanut so far

Today I am 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

It seems like the days are getting longer and May 15th is so far away it hurts. This third pregnancy has been by far the most physically painful and exhausting of all of my pregnancies and I am seriously ready for it to be over.


I find myself also very disappointed because I have had three ultrasounds so far and I have only been given three photos. I know I am being a whiner but I have probably twenty of Adison and thirty of Benjamin. I have all the ultrasounds confirming gender with a statement of “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” I am so infuriated that I don’t have any of that for the new baby. All of the ultrasound techs have been rude. My OB has apparently become a mindless idiot and I am frankly not enthused with going to appointments anymore. I have called with issues and get treated like a first time mom. Obviously, if it wasn’t really bothering me, I would not be calling.

He acts like my repeat c section is business as usual and even casually warned me that with each new c section, “it gets a little dicey.”

Vomitting bile that tastes like your grandma’s soap is apparently nothing to be concerned with and every time I get the “yeasties,” I am supposed to drop everything to make an appointment.

I am also supposed to discontinue my trips to the chiropractor.

This baby can not come soon enough.


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