Unnecessary Cesearean Sections.

As a young, first time mother, I too was trapped into the “Let’s induce your labor the day after your due date” scheme. I don’t understand why so many people are so impatient anymore about letting babies come when they’re ready.

Labor has become over-medicalized. Thousands of years ago, woman gave birth at home with their mothers, sisters, nurses, nuns around and now we have a team of doctors, midwifes, nurses, anesthesiologists, among other medical professionals. Labor is sped up because we are the generation of “I want it now” and that includes our babies. We don’t want to wait and labor and be uncomfortable any longer than we have to. 

When I was 39 weeks pregnant with Adison, I was told by Dr. Tseng that he would induce on the 20th of June. Her first due date for the first seven months of pregnancy was May 30th and from seven months on, it was June 19th. Dr. Tseng didn’t really give me much option to go into labor on my own. At 39 weeks, I was not effaced and not dilated at all. Sadly, after sixteen hours of pitocin and laboring, I was told that I would be getting a c-section and epidural. I was twenty years old, I didn’t know I could refuse and that I could go for several more hours but the doctors wanted to go home. I made it to 4 cm and lots of back labor.

Benjamin was an sort of elective cesarean. I had wanted so desperately to try to VBAC because I guess I felt like less of a mother because I had a baby maliciously torn from my abdomen for the convenience of my medical staff. I wanted to find a doctor who would allow it and after switching doctors four times, I was heartbroken and feeling defeated because I was told that no one allowed VBAC. My second section was scheduled for 39 weeks pregnant and Benjamin came into this world, also violently ripped from the womb. I must say that this section was much more calm and I got a lot more of the things I so desperately missed out on with Adison’s birth. I didn’t have to go to a recovery room and wait for nurses to bring my child in. My husband was able to carry Benjamin from the operating room to the recovery room and I was able to nurse as soon as I was closed up. Much better experience all around. 

I don’t mind c sections but I feel that doctors nowadays are taking so much from woman to convenience themselves. Having a large gaping wound across your abdomen is not fun nor is it an easy recovery. Not all women have help after birth and must climb stairs and must carry things heavier than their baby.

I have so many people I see saying they’re being induced and I want to scream so loud because I know that nine times out of ten, they will have a c section and usually their isn’t a problem. Its just they’ve labored all day and people want to go home.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, c-sections are at an all time high of thirty one percent but I am inclined to think about how much of that thirty one percent are medically necessary?


5 thoughts on “Unnecessary Cesearean Sections.

  1. I completely agree with you. When I was pregnant with the twins I was 37 weeks Christmas day and 38 weeks (which is term for a twin, pregnancy, the average is only 36 weeks) on New Years Day. Even though I had already given birth to a 9.3lbs baby they kept trying to schedule me for a csection and I really think its because they didn’t want to get called in on their holidays if I went into labout. Lucky for me, I had the guts to fight it. I ended up delivering my girls vaginally after being induced at 38+4 (going past 39 weeks with twins increases mortality rates so I did agree to the induction). A friend in the states wasn’t so lucky. She let them induce way to soon and ended up getting stuck in labour and needing section when her baby was only 6lbs (my twins were 7.5lbs and 6lbs). I think that baby wasn’t ready yet and they should have let her go longer since the baby was doing fine. Due dates are usually not exact and your first one is usually later (my son was born at 41 weeks +4). I am sorry to hear about your experience, but at least it sounds like the second time it wasn’t so bad. Thanks again for writing this article.

  2. I was induced via Pitocin the first time around because of skyrocketing BP. Of course, that meant a slow labor for which my body wasn’t ready. When a C-section was threatened, at least, it was because the baby’s stats were becoming alarming. But there were several points where the doctor wanted to do this or that because it was more convenient to his schedule, which I did not accept. This all leads me to wonder what impending labor #2 will be like. I hope it will go at its own pace. This is a rare experience, not just a medical procedure!

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