This is a very different post than what I would usually write but I am so freaking agitated and my pregnant brain makes it worse. I live in a duplex with neighbors sharing a wall. It is a woman in her late 30’s and her 15 year old son. They are both really nice and very quiet but my biggest complaint is they are lazy and worthless. Their tiny little dog craps all over the shared sidewalk and they don’t clean it up ever. They also don’t help with mowing or shoveling of snow. When they do shovel they stop at where the shared sidewalk in on my side of the fence. I mow their entire lawn. I used to shovel the entire driveway, now I pay someone to plow it. Not once has this young, athletic kid offered to shovel or mow. Today was the first day they went back to school. The kid shoveled the front walkway to the bus and couldn’t get the six inches where my kid steps. I got the driveway plowed, not a thank you or an offer to play half because she has an SUV so she doesn’t need it plowed. Not an offer to pay for half the gas I spend mowing.


I hate people.