So here is my rant for the month…

Why I first got my daughter’s supplies list of the Jefferson Elementary Website, I was in shock at the amount of things needed for a child to learn in first grade.

This was her list:

Gr. 1 writing tablet (1 tablet only)
3 packs of #2, yellow pencils w/eraser (sharpened)
(FYI: If every kid is using them, you can sharpen them your damn self)
8 glue sticks
(who needs that much glue?!)
Fiskar scissors
crayons (24 count ONLY) – 2 boxes
dry erase markers (4 pack)
pencil box
1 large box tissues
paint shirt with name wirtten on it
book bag (no wheels)
complete change of clothes (in gallon size ziploc bag with name)
1 pocket folder – no brands
Clorox disinfecting wipes

I mean seriously, I understand most of this… but the shear number of supplies is insane… 8 GLUE STICKS? Sorry, the store only had them in 3 packs so you’re getting 6 and why am I supplying cleaning supplies?

So everything I buy goes into a community supply bucket and Johnny Picks-his-nose can use my daughter’s pretty purple crayons and pencils. The folder she meticulously  picked might go to Sophie, whose mommy used her school supply money for meth and I am supposed to be okay with this?

How is it my responsibility to pick up the slack for these kids whose parents are idiots or too busy being 18 again to parent? I understand if there were kids whose parents can’t genuinely afford a .50 pack of Crayons or a .15 folder but why not ask for extras instead of demanding them? I would gladly send extras for kids who are unable to bring in supplies if they asked.

Its not even mentioned that this is why no brands or characters should be used for the folders.


Schools these days are so focused on sports that they forget what schools are made for… TO TEACH. Kids these days are the culmination of everything around them. They are doomed to fail.

1. Shitty parents who could care less about them.

2. Parents who try to be their best friends and let them get away with murder.

3. Teachers who don’t give a shit.

4. Schools who focus on sports and not science.

5. Lack of parental intervention when it comes to social media.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


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