One thing that I have always striven for but never had the time or energy for is organization.

I have so much crap that I am beginning to believe that I should be organizing instead of complaining that I can’t find my seam ripper or scissors.  In the past week, I have begun organizing all of my sewing and craft things, all of my art things, and writing items.

I have so many little zipper baggies of thread, needles, pencils, and crayons that now I am wondering how I am going to organize those!

Goodness gracious.

I made a bill calendar today so that Jeremy and I know when everything will be taken out of the account and keep it in mind when discussing purchases.

I am also trying to get Benjamin’s room ready to be painted and made into a more Montesorri room. Low shelfs, toys, mirrors, LEARNING. I will be buying more cloth diapers this week so I am also trying to decide the best way to store all this fluff! I have to baby proof the crap out of his room and get it ready for him to be free in!

Screw organizing.


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