So here is my rant for the month…

Why I first got my daughter’s supplies list of the Jefferson Elementary Website, I was in shock at the amount of things needed for a child to learn in first grade.

This was her list:

Gr. 1 writing tablet (1 tablet only)
3 packs of #2, yellow pencils w/eraser (sharpened)
(FYI: If every kid is using them, you can sharpen them your damn self)
8 glue sticks
(who needs that much glue?!)
Fiskar scissors
crayons (24 count ONLY) – 2 boxes
dry erase markers (4 pack)
pencil box
1 large box tissues
paint shirt with name wirtten on it
book bag (no wheels)
complete change of clothes (in gallon size ziploc bag with name)
1 pocket folder – no brands
Clorox disinfecting wipes

I mean seriously, I understand most of this… but the shear number of supplies is insane… 8 GLUE STICKS? Sorry, the store only had them in 3 packs so you’re getting 6 and why am I supplying cleaning supplies?

So everything I buy goes into a community supply bucket and Johnny Picks-his-nose can use my daughter’s pretty purple crayons and pencils. The folder she meticulously  picked might go to Sophie, whose mommy used her school supply money for meth and I am supposed to be okay with this?

How is it my responsibility to pick up the slack for these kids whose parents are idiots or too busy being 18 again to parent? I understand if there were kids whose parents can’t genuinely afford a .50 pack of Crayons or a .15 folder but why not ask for extras instead of demanding them? I would gladly send extras for kids who are unable to bring in supplies if they asked.

Its not even mentioned that this is why no brands or characters should be used for the folders.


Schools these days are so focused on sports that they forget what schools are made for… TO TEACH. Kids these days are the culmination of everything around them. They are doomed to fail.

1. Shitty parents who could care less about them.

2. Parents who try to be their best friends and let them get away with murder.

3. Teachers who don’t give a shit.

4. Schools who focus on sports and not science.

5. Lack of parental intervention when it comes to social media.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


Family Crafting…

I decided that each weekend, we are going to do a family craft! Well, two actually because I would prefer Ben could participate and I don’t want Bug to get bored.

This week we made paper mache masks with Bug and a handprint plaque with Benjamin. Bug already ruined her mask but it was a lizard man.


This is our plaque. It has Jeremy and I’s handprints with Ben’s in the middle. This will hang in Ben’s room. I used salt dough to make it.


Easiest ever!


1 cup salt
2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup luke warm water


1. In a large bowl mix salt and flour.

2. Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.

3. With your hands form a ball with your dough and kneed it for at least 5 minutes. The longer you kneed your dough the smoother it will be.



One thing that I have always striven for but never had the time or energy for is organization.

I have so much crap that I am beginning to believe that I should be organizing instead of complaining that I can’t find my seam ripper or scissors.  In the past week, I have begun organizing all of my sewing and craft things, all of my art things, and writing items.

I have so many little zipper baggies of thread, needles, pencils, and crayons that now I am wondering how I am going to organize those!

Goodness gracious.

I made a bill calendar today so that Jeremy and I know when everything will be taken out of the account and keep it in mind when discussing purchases.

I am also trying to get Benjamin’s room ready to be painted and made into a more Montesorri room. Low shelfs, toys, mirrors, LEARNING. I will be buying more cloth diapers this week so I am also trying to decide the best way to store all this fluff! I have to baby proof the crap out of his room and get it ready for him to be free in!

Screw organizing.

4:52 AM

Well, I haven’t blogged in awhile so I woke up and can’t get back to sleep. What better to frivolously pass my time but to blog. Ehhh…

In the news, Adison comes home from her father’s today and by father’s, I mean his mother’s.  This entire summer has been spent with her paternal grandmother and her dad got her every other weekend. Don’t ask me why but I am pissed. Her summer is ending early and its probably due to his mother not getting something she wants like custody or child support. Ha Ha. What a joke!

She will be back with me permanently and I am super excited.

Benjamin doesn’t walk and everyone seems to want to point that out. I personally would be okay with it if he didn’t walk until later because I hate chasing running babies.  He is learning lots of words and likes to say to the dog, “Jack Sit.”  He has also began to show his excitement with everything, even mundane things.

We’ve decided to cloth diaper exclusively. Now I am not rich so I am sharing a link and site with everyone I know who wants to use cloth. There is a website called Cotton Babies. They have started a cloth diaper bank and there are some near your house. I am super excited to get them on Tuesday!

Share the Love Locations

It was super easy and Lisa was great and very helpful. I doubt Lisa will help all of you but just in case, she’s really nice!

She also has a SAHM mom blog and reviews a lot of products… Check her blog out!

Back to the nitty gritty.

I have decided that with all the possible options for wearing your baby, I am a ring sling momma. I love my ring sling. I recently made myself a new one. It’s gorgeous! (At least I think so!)


This is my new baby! It was originally brown and white plaid linen. With the help of some Rit Dye and a bunch of rubber bands, I was able to create this. It is turquoise and kelly green ombre with aqua ring slings. I have also since put a huge pocket on it so Benjamin can throw his sippy cup and other random things in there. 

I also made my own mei tai this past week. I am not a fan of them. They’re nice but I prefer my sling. I guess after nearly fifteen months of slinging my child, I have grown accustomed to it. I will keep trying the mei tai because maybe it is just me.

I bought some Osnaburg to make a wrap. A member of my FB and personal friend of mine, Ashlee suggested it. I am a texture person. I can’t stand so many types of fabrics and how they feel against my skin but I actually like this fabric. Its good by me.

Still learning the different wraps and Benjamin doesn’t want to sit still long enough to let me back wrap him. He also thinks it HILARIOUS to pull my freaking hair every single time I try.

So that’s it. I am a ring sling lady. I will always be the ring sling lady. I am going to order more rings and just sew myself a million ring slings until I run out of room for my fluff.