SAHM… what?

Here’s my new thing…

I will never understand why people think SAHM’s sit on our asses and eat bon bons all day. That we leech and mooch our way through life and that we contribute nothing to the household we reside in.

I may not work hard at a job outside the home but I keep things running smoothly. I keep the dishes mostly done and I do the laundry. Not to mention I pay all the bills, deal with all the companies, deal with the landlord, deal with the PUCO and electric company. I keep track of two dogs, a cat, a turtle, and two kids.

I sit on the computer for about an hour a day. I mow the lawn. I take the garbage out. I clean up the yard. I take care of the weeds but yet, I am lazy?

I am sorry that occasionally I want to get my hair cut or buy myself a new shirt because god knows they’re all ruined.

In a few years, when I am homeschooling Benjamin, would anyone liken what I do to sitting on my ass doing nothing? I will be doing the exact same thing any paid teacher does but with more awesomeness and better teaching.

The next time you want to call your SAHM lazy or a piece of shit, or a leech, or a mooch just remember that everything runs smoothly because she does all the things she does. You don’t have to necessarily thank her, but don’t be a douche.