A little different…

This post is a little different than what I normally post. I have been keeping up with the news regarding Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Everything I read offends me. I am not religious, as I have stated previously but the utter disregard for human life regardless of their crimes, is insane.

Yes, I understand that he is responsible for the deaths of innocent people.

Yes, I know he is a terrorist.

Yes, I am fully aware an eight year old boy was killed by his actions.

Why do people feel that his remains should be desecrated because of what he did? A news article I read summed up how I feel so eloquently.

“Easy to understand, but wrong. Ultimately, Tsarnaev’s burial isn’t so much about him or what he deserves as it is about our society, which generally tries to do the decent thing. Decency means treating the dead with basic civility and respect, no matter who the person was or what acts he may have committed.”

When we take ourselves to a level of disrespecting a corpse, where has our humanity gone? I mean, honestly, what bad could come from him being buried and giving his family some closure. While, I understand that his family has reportedly denied him and said he deserved his death, wouldn’t you at least want some closure?

People are killed every day.

People are executed for heinous crimes and their families are able to bury their bodies in accordance with their faith. What makes him any different? The fact is they are immigrants who followed the radical side of Islam and many Americans can’t stand the fact that they are Islamic.

I think that regardless of his crime, he should be afforded at least the decency of an Islamic burial. Yes, his Islamic tradition may have caused him to viciously kill people but like I stated before, he is still a human.

It makes me sad to raise children in a world so consumed with hatred. So obsessed with retribution that people aren’t treated with even basic civility.

I would like to think that if we showed mercy and civility towards his body and afforded him the proper burial, we could eventually start building bridges to Islam. Desecrating the body could be the start of another war, a long bloody war over religion and faith.

Lets just for once, be the bigger man.


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