Two weeks until the big day!

Last week, I started a three part series about Ben. He will be one on the 22nd and I am kind of sad because his age will now be calculate in years and not months… 😦

So back to the story!

I remember lying there thinking that about how this was so different then the first time. I was aware. It was calm. No one was rushing and I had someone by my side. I remember the nurse saying that I would be feeling some pushing and pulling and I said, “It feels like someone is sitting on my chest!”

A few moments later, I hear its a boy and then comes Benjamin’s welcome cry into the world. I was chocked up and said to Jeremy, “There’s your boy.” He walked over to see him and came back with this tiny little person in his arms. He sat next to me and just looked at his son.


I was only in the hospital for two days after my cesarean. I was trying so hard to stand up and walk around a few hours afterwards and it was awful but when I nursed him, I felt so close to him and nothing else mattered.  His pediatrician decided he was jaundice and so we had to take him for blood work every single day. It was upsetting watching them stab his little foot but he rarely cried and slept so well. His dad when on third shift shortly after he was born and Benjamin and I were able to co-sleep very effectively.


I woke up to this little man every morning and my life couldn’t get any better. He nursed well. He slept well. He was learning. He was growing. Benjamin is a very loving child. He’s a snuggler.


He loves everyone.

Its amazing to watch a little person grow and know that you had a part in this. You helped create and nourish and love this little person.


This little boy is our world.

To be cont’d.


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