Funny on Camera

Benjamin and I have a daily ritual of watching babies on Youtube. Its weird but he loves it. I have yet to understand how come I can never catch anything my children do on camera. Is it because I am not one of those moms with the camera shoved in their faces 24/7?

Benjamin likes to talk “with” these babies. He goes right along and yells with them. It seems like everyone else’s children are way more funny and cute.

The same goes for Adison. She does funny stuff but I am never ready with the camera. All the crazy things she says are never caught on camera.

Adison has told me that she needs me to buy her a shovel. Why you ask? Because she has to bury her boyfriend in the backyard. Don’t ask. She’s been in 16 relationships in two years mostly with Justin Bieber.

Kids are funny and maybe I should shove the camera in their face so I can share it with the world or I can just enjoy it and keep it to myself.



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