Momma Killers…

It seems that every day I am reading stories about mothers killing their children. I don’t understand it. How could anyone murder someone who grew inside of them?

Ten years ago, it was something that shocked and horrified us.  Marybeth Tinning killed her nine children, Andrea Yates killed her five children, Susan Smith murdered two and these were headlines today it barely hits the news.

When I type in mothers who kill their children, I am confronted with millions of articles and blogs about it and I am wondering what makes a woman do this to their children?

Some of them kill to hurt their exes and the fathers of their children while some do it because they’ve reached a breaking point and are unable or unwilling to ask for help. There are mothers who kill their children for religious reasons or because they can’t afford to have another child.

Kaylee Anthony is one of the few who have gotten National media attention over the last few years but what about all the other lost children taken from this Earth from the woman who was supposed to ensure no harm came to them?


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