Crying children…


What happens when both your children cry over seemingly nothing?

Doctors have ruled out all possibilities for Benjamin but he cries… ALL the time.People around me say its because I spend too much time with him or because I breastfeed and wear him.

Adison cries the second anyone yells at her. She doesn’t get her way, she cries… What the hell is wrong with my children?

Seeing them always crying makes me feel like I did something wrong, Am I a horrible parent because my children cry? Is my son a wimp?

How do you explain to people that it is impossible to spoil a baby? Babies don’t understand that you’re coming back when you put them down and walk out of the room. They don’t know that you’re listening and getting them their next bottle or that you will be changing their diaper as soon as your done peeing yourself.


In the current state of the world, I want my children to know that there is such a thing as love. It does exist even though the world seems so drab and loveless. I think the prime example of what I am trying to accomplish just happened.

I was sitting here eating lunch and Ben decided he was lonely. Adison says, “Mom, you eat. I got this.” I walk downstairs and hear my five year old telling Benjamin a story and on my way up, she is singing him a song.  It may not seem like a whole lot to some people but I think that the love she shows for everyone is very apparent by the way I was with her as a baby.

Benjamin cries if he isn’t able to crawl around and explore. He’s a very curious man and would much rather be on the floor then in a jumper.

So the next time you want to criticize a mother and say her children are cry babies or she should get him off the teat, thing about the children you’ve raised. If you have never raised a child, I would expect you would have enough decency to keep your mouth shut.




3 thoughts on “Crying children…

  1. Both of your children are wonderful, affectionate children. Neither of them is spoiled, or wimpy. They are both at ages and stages of their lives where their behavior is completely normal, and something they will both grow out of eventually. And you know what? By you letting them sort through it on their own, rather than telling them their emotions are wrong and not worth expressing, will help them to become balanced adults who know how and when to express how they feel. You’re doing wonderfully with both of them. You are definitely mom enough 🙂

  2. Loved reading this. I have been in that situation countless times. My MIL seems to think I spend too much time with my children, spoil them and don’t do enough. I can’t really win. I am convinced that you can never spoil a baby and in fact that your children will grow up knowing they are loved and will never have to question that. I think it’s such a priceless gift that we give them.

  3. I can’t not even count the times I have heard that I am spoiling Benjamin. Its awful. I think that a lot of the problems these days come from the fact parents don’t show their kids they love them – whether that’s through affection or discipline.

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