Dental Care

I have recently become insured through my husband’s work. I was on Medicaid when I was pregnant but am now regretting not getting anything done to my teeth while I was on it.

It sickens me to the core at how much dental work costs nowadays. I feel bad for my parents if this is how much it cost when I was a kid.

When I was a little kid, I didn’t brush my teeth like I was supposed to. Add to that horrible genetics and there you have the current state of my mouth. I had gotten a few things fixed while in the Army but after that crazy old dentist put a needle through the roof of my mouth, I was petrified to go to the dentist in any capacity, even when I wanted to rip my mouth off from pain.

I went a few times for non evasive procedures but the moment they said Novocaine, I peaced out. Unfortunately for me, that has left me with a lot of damage in my mouth, very embarrassing, painful damage.

At this point, I have gone to two dentists in the last month.

One of them wants nearly 10k to fix my teeth plus I would have to go to Cleveland for oral surgery.

The other wants $2600 but couldn’t give me an estimate of the cost of oral surgery.

How the hell are normal people supposed to afford the dentist?

It seems to me that you either have to be rich or on welfare to get dental care. That is very sad.

Then they offer credit options. Okay… so I have student loans and I don’t currently work… oh you debt to income ratio… you kill me.

I understand now why so many people have bad teeth. They can’t fucking afford it.


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