This applies to not only myself but also a very good friend of mine.

When I  became a single mother at 20, I had no idea what to do. I had no intentions of ever being with Adison’s father and a lot of you know why.


When is it okay to tell the other parent to hit the road? When their new significant other begins to intervene in a successful co-parenting plan? When they aren’t contributing in anyway?

My close friends and husband know exactly how I feel about my daughter’s father. I won’t share then publicly ever and especially never in front of my children.

Why does it seem like more and more single mothers have such deadbeat fathers in their lives? Why are the laws in favor of the biological parent when they weren’t parents or they suck? I will never understand how someone can completely ignore a child for four years and pop up and the laws says, “Sorry lady, you have to let him see her and he’ll give you diddly squat for child support.”

How is that fair?

On the other hand, mothers have a harder time running from the fact they are going to have a baby. They can’t really hide it too well, usually and eventually that baby is going to come out of there.

This is a very compounded post because there are several things about the co-parent that strikes me as odd or bothers me. Sorry.

So when that other parent gets a new significant other, when is it okay to make introductions to your child? What about when the SO is significantly impacting your ability to parent and co-parent. Why do SO’s feel they have to be involved in you and your child’s father’s life?


The main point I am trying to make is that the relationship is between you, your child, and their father. Their father, may or may not be an ex but they are still in your life. When can you set ground rules about interactions with other people? Its insane to think that women these days are so vindictive and controlling that they thing this is part of their domain.

I can’t honestly say I’ve dealt too much with that part because Adison’s dad hasn’t had too many new girlfriends, thankfully but I feel awful for my friend who does. She has to deal with the constant barrage of this other woman’s control and hate. The constant over stepping her place as the “new woman”.

The internet has made it easier for men and women to pretend they are parents. Post a few pictures of your kid and put statuses about them. If it weren’t for the internet, I would have never met my daughter’s father and I wouldn’t have her. I think being a part time parent is bull shit. Being a girlfriend of a part time parent is even bigger bull shit.

Sorry for the rant. It was necessary.


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