Best Friends.

My son has best friends already.


Ben and Gabriel at his birthday party!


Ben and Noah playing through the baby gate.

I am glad that my son has friends. Hopefully they are friends that remain with him for the rest of his life. I personally have only one friend who has been there since kindergarten and even her and I don’t keep up as much as we should.

It is also AWESOME that I consider Gabriel and Noah’s mommies to be good friends. People I share things with and have a lot in common. Many people know that I do not like people. I have never been a “people person”. I think 90% people are dumb and I have nothing to talk to them about.

I am 26 and not including my husband, I have about 4-5 friends and I would consider those 4-5 people good friends; perhaps even best friends. Oddly enough, I used to hate one of them more than anything. Long story. Her and I know it very well. It wasn’t until I stopped to realize that I didn’t hate her, I didn’t know her and I hadn’t taken the time to realize we had more in common then originally though.

Its weird. As you grow up, your priorities change and what you value in a person changes. I look back and realize that the people who were my friends in school were malicious and ignorant. They used to keep me around to pick on and because I was silly enough to do stupid shit. Fair enough. I am only friends with one of them now.

After HS, I looked for friends who had drugs. I am not going to lie. I didn’t like anyone but if they had something to mess me up, I was their best friend until it was gone.

Now, I look for responsible, caring people. I wish I could teach my children this and them listen. My mom always said you don’t need friends. Friends just hurt you. I thought she was crazy. Looking back, she is crazy but she was right.

Shhhh… don’t tell her.



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