Being a family with a stay at home mom, I am always looking for ways to save money especially with an 11 month old who has insane growth spurts.

The prices of clothes for infants and even young children these days are absolutely atrocious. I don’t know that I would even spend $7 on a freaking t-shirt for a child.

I joined a few groups on Facebook where mother’s try and sell their gently used baby items.  My biggest issue with these ads are that people are trying to get damn near full retail on their items.

For example a woman bought a rainforest play mat for $25 and she is asking for $20. Hello? Why don’t I just go buy the new one for $5 more? A used article of clothing should cost no more than .50. What the hell are you trying to pull? I mean YARD SALES are my favorite thing in the world besides church sales where you can put everything you want for $1 in a bag.

I just don’t get it.


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