Absolute faith …

Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power but absolute power is corrupt only in the hands of the absolutely faithful.

I promised myself that I would never talk about religion in a public forum because it could be considered disrespectful to someone and it could hurt people close to me. 

I am a woman of no faith in a creator. I have never really been able to visualize that there is a unknown force watching me and judging me when I die.

I know lots of people who are religious; some of which are very close friends of mine. I will never question their faith nor with I divulge my beliefs as a way to start a confrontation.

When I was a child, my family was never religious. My parents would send me to church with an elderly couple so they could have their Sundays free. I went and was in shock.  Whenever I went to my grandparents in Kentucky, I went to the Church of Nazarene and was completely overwhelmed. As I grew older, I would accompany friends to church. I went with Jessica to a catholic church and with Dawn to a baptist church but for me…


I could not wrap my head around the ideas of absolute faith. As a young adult, I immersed myself in science and Darwinism. I found them fascinating. The fact that primordial ooze had evolved and turned into apes and eventually us. We are constantly changing to promote our survival. 

Yet, religion is still there. As a parent, I have to decide if I am going to detail the annals of religious history to my children. If I am going to explain that there may or may not be a God and savior. Should I tell my kids that while the Bible only states we are a little over 2000 years old, there is scientific proof that we are hundreds of thousands years old.

Its a catch-22 for me.

Do I tell my kids that while religion does exist, I feel that they’re nuts? Do I tell them about religion and hope they don’t ask what I believe? I don’t want to cultivate a family of faithless children who don’t believe?

Well, this seems entirely more complicated that it should be.

I could just raise my children.

That’s it.


Let them ask their own questions. Let them explore. Let them decide for themselves if they believe; if faith is going to be a part of their life and they’re going to live as God-fearing individuals.

I am not going to raise my children as atheists either. I am going to teach them morals and values and that loving your fellow man is what life is all about. The adventure to learn and explore and be the best person you can be.

Faith and religion have never played a part of my life. I have hope. I have love. I have undying spirit. Would I label myself Jewish? No. Would I label myself Christian? Absolutely not. I would label myself a human. A loving, caring, human.

I hope my kids are the same.


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