Holy Canoli…

When my husband and I found out we were having a boy, I was super stoked to design the nursery. Since for the first time in my life, I had separate rooms for everyone! I was all about the owls and my husband wanted outer space. Without really his say, I went and bought the stuff for owls. Ha Ha. Anyways, ten months later, I am regretting it because we recently switched the rooms around. Adison was in the smallest room and Ben shared the office with his Dad. 

I decided that Ben should have this small room and I would redo it for him and I realized space was what I should have gone with in the first place. (don’t tell my husband that he was right)

I am now in the midst of a search for the perfect sheets. The perfect word art. My husband says something to me that makes sense…

Ben doesn’t care what his room looks like. Its for you.


This is ridiculous. The search for bed sheets. Why the hell does a >2 yd piece of fabric cost at least $15? I mean honestly, I am going to go buy some lime green fabric and do this myself. It can’t be THAT hard.




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