three little letters…

Some of you who personally know me also know my oldest, Adison. You also know that she is more than a handful on every occasion and she can very taxing on you.

She is five. She started kindergarten and she seems to like it. She does alright but I wouldn’t call her the teacher’s pet or most popular kid. Each time I go to this damned teacher – parent conferences, I get told that she can’t sit down and shush. She also doesn’t seem interested in whatever the teacher is talking about only playing and coloring and talking about her “boyfriend”.

Adison has always been different. ALWAYS. She is like me in the way that she goes against the grain in everything she does; other than that, we only look physically similar and that’s where it ends.

She is a hoarder. She will hoard every little cookie. Every single scrap of paper. Every broken toy, ruined piece of clothing, and piece of anything because its her special prize.

She eats constantly but is thin. She sneaks down while everyone is sleeping and engorges herself on anything she can find.

She is a thief and liar. She will steal anything she can find that interests her. She lies about everything she can. She seems to like to make herself into the victim somehow. Its weird.

I started talking to her doctor about it and was given a survey for her teachers and myself to fill out. I honestly felt like I could answer ‘Yes’ to every single one of them. Its almost heartbreaking to think that you could have created a child with some sort of problem. I also recognize that I am not the only piece of genetic material that goes into creating her.

I also told her recently that she has a little sister. By little, I mean 6 months younger than her. While I was pregnant and her father was deployed, he met another woman and she also became pregnant. Am I mad? HELL NO!

They are going to write letter’s and draw pictures for each other and even skype! This is exciting right? At first I was worried about how her dad would feel but then I realized I honestly don’t care. Its not up to him. Just because he has nothing to do with Nessa doesn’t mean Adison shouldn’t. They deserve to know each other.

The title of this blog is three little letters… There are so many three letter words I could use to describe how I’ve felt lately. I think part of me wants to say, “FML” but then I realize I am a very lucky woman. I have an amazing husband, two beautiful children that I am fortunate enough to stay home with, and a wonderful place to life. I could also say, “LOL” because there are so many little things going on around me that make me want to stop and laugh my butt off.

Three little letters.

1. 2. 3.

I guess I’ll let you figure out what three little letters, I’m thinking of. I can’t give away all my cards.

Anyhow, Benjamin is doing great. I took him to the doctor because I thought he could have GERD but of course, I don’t have a medical degree so I’m wrong. He wheezes, get over it. I suppose.

I’m going to go eat my diet food and drink my water. Then maybe I’ll go run. OR I will just sit on Facebook and laugh at people. Either way I win.


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