a little unusual…

This blog is going to be a little different than normal. Why you ask? Well, for one I feel like ranting my ass off. I have had so much pent up over the last few weeks that I might as well get it out of my system.

So I apologize now because this has the potential to be a novel of bad juju.


Hey… funny story. I have google too!


Especially when it comes to one’s ability to raise their own children. Call me fucking crazy but I feel the world would be a way better place if people kept their noses where they belong. You can’t sit there and call someone a bad mother until you know the reason behind their choices.  It also makes you look like an asshole if you publicly discredit them even if you don’t put who they are. They know who they are and that is enough.



If any of you ever plan to rent a house out, can you please spend the extra money to put in a real fucking furnace? This heating fuel is a pain in the ass and entirely too expensive. $606 every two months? I mean yes, you don’t spend anything in the summer but when you run out… JESUS CHRIST (Sorry Erica), it’s cold.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am usually an easy going person but I am also a highly sarcastic and aloof person to be around. I am not one to usually care about your petty problems but if on the off chance I decide to help you, take it. I don’t help many people with personal problems because it is their problem. I don’t think I know the solutions to many problems either but there are a few that directly relate to me.

So unless you problems directly affect my family or myself, I no longer care.


Raise your hands if you know my mom. Now keep them up if you think she’s awesome. Exactly. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom but I don’t like her. I am so tired of being a second rate person in her mind to my five year old. She only calls to talk to Adison and only texts to ask about Adison. She never asks how Ben is doing. Every time we go to her house she complains about how Ben cries to much. If Adison wants something she gets it from her. Unfortunately, I feel that my mother has turned Adison into a privileged brat who doesn’t care or respect things that are given to her. She ruins toys and clothing because Grandma will just buy her a new one. She also acts badly because when I say anything to my mom about it, I get “Oh, she’s a baby.” Then I snapped because a five year old isn’t a damn baby now it is, “She’s five.” When are going to stop basing her actions on her age and blame the fact she’s an ill behaved child?

God forbid.



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