a little too devotional…

As a mom, I’ve learned a lot of things that I never wanted to believe when people told me.

1. Sharing IS caring.

2. It’s not always about you. (And it never will again.)

3. “Oh, it is just a scratch.”

4. “Quit whining.”

5. “Stop talking. You talk too much.”

I feel like I haven’t done anything for myself in about six years. I haven’t gotten pretty and dressed up and went out on a date. God, my hair is always disheveled and looks like a rat’s nest. Do I even own a hair brush anymore?

My kids cry and I stop whatever I am doing and run to them, except when Bug is faking because she wants something.

I don’t do cry it out.

Oddly enough, while I am writing this Benjamin is having a fit because he threw his dog out of the play pen… I am not running right over simply because he threw it. I don’t want to play this damn game today.

As soon I wrote that though, I couldn’t believe I was letting him cry at all.


Is there such a thing as being too devotional? too attached? too much mother?


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